Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Glasses? Me? Never...

I've always harbored a secret pride about my eyesight. 

In the Coast Guard I was even nicknamed "Eagle Eye" because of spotting objects in the ocean well before the radar picked them up. Of course, that meant I pulled a lot of Bow Watch, even when it was not my turn. Lesson learned. I kept my secret to myself after that.

That's why when I recently learned I need glasses I was a little surprised. Squinting at my computer screen caused me to go in for a check up and the Doctor suggested I wear glasses for my developing short-sightedness. Here I thought that was a personality flaw. But now my body is catching up.

I was a little suspicious of the glasses my Doctor was pushing, so of course I went online to do some comparison shopping. Naturally enough, the first website I found was - the first link on the engine. Even in my weakened ocular state, I could tell I was in the right place. stocks all the brands you'd expect, from reasonably priced glasses all the way up to Designer styles. And the pricing, variety, inventory and convenience were pleasant surprises. Who ever heard of shopping for eyeglasses online? 

Uh-oh. Is my hearing next? 

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