Wednesday, April 29, 2009

YMT Vacations - Your Man Tours To Alaska

YMT Vacations knows Alaska. 

I know it seems crazy, but I miss Winter. We're only just getting into Spring, but already I miss snuggling up to a cozy fire and watching the snowflakes fall outside my window. It makes me think of Alaska.

I was there once. Funny enough, it was in the Summer. But I still had to wear a coat. So I'm thinking of going back. A friend of mine recommended YMT Vacations because he said he had a smooth ride all the way through. And he went in Winter! From the minute he picked up the phone until the day he got back home, his vacation to a very cold Alaska left him with some very warm memories. 

So I plan to give YMT Vacations a call before it turns to Summer. My friend tells me one of his warmest memories was how little it cost. Ah, beautiful, wondrous Alaska. 

Where it's Winter all year round.

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