Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Frank Hanna Spreads The Wealth

Dr. Frank Hanna believes in giving back. The Irish-born philanthropist has founded three schools in Atlanta, his adopted hometown, and is a leader in the K-12 revolution currently underway nationwide.


Because Frank Hanna is grateful to our nation for the opportunity afforded him since arriving on these shores during the notorious "troubles" that plagued his native Ireland when he was a younger man. And he wants our young people to be aware of the opportunities that money can lead to in our open society.

Frank Hanna has even written a book, "What Your Money Means, And How To Use It Well" that teaches young people (and even an old guy like me) the history of currency and how to use it in such a way that it brings true value to our lives in the modern world.

A more valuable lesson has rarely been taught, and Dr. Frank Hanna teaches it well.

Pick up a copy and see for yourself why green is still Ireland's favorite color.